Update from Beacon Hill

Formal sessions for the 2015-2016 legislature will end on Sunday, July 31. Since many legislators attended the Republican National Convention last week or the Democratic National Convention this week, a lot of action and major votes are expected this weekend as formal sessions will be held on Saturday and Sunday. NAIOP has been actively lobbying on a number of important bills and will continue to do so through the final moments of the session on Sunday night.

Much of NAIOP’s advocacy has been devoted to fighting bills that would do harm to the industry and discourage economic development. Among those bills are the zoning and wage theft bills, which were both passed by the Senate. NAIOP has been working to educate members of the House on the serious consequences these bills would have on economic development if passed.

This weekend the Legislature is expected to pass a number of bills that are now in conference committee and are priorities for both the House and Senate including: the ride-hailing industry bill; a municipal government reform bill; the non-compete legislation; an omnibus energy bill; and an economic development bill.  NAIOP has weighed in on the energy bill by supporting the positions of organizations like AIM on the procurement issues, while also supporting PACE language, and opposing the climate adaptation management plan (CAMP) language, as well as mandatory energy scoring and energy audit requirements. A letter to conference committee members was sent last week highlighting our concerns with the most problematic sections of the bill.

NAIOP is also advocating for the inclusion of language in the economic development bill that was included in the House version. Specifically, NAIOP supports important changes to I-cubed, increased funding for MassWorks and the creation of a new starter home program.

In short, there is one thing that is certain about the final hours of the legislative session – absolutely nothing is certain. Stay tuned for future updates from Beacon Hill.

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