Israeli Investors Looking to Buy

Day two on the Massachusetts – Israel Innovation Economy Partnership Mission with Governor Patrick started with an intimate meeting with some of the largest Israeli real estate investment firms and insurance companies. 

These companies have substantial assets in Israel, but, with a relatively small home market, they are diversifying their investments worldwide in Europe, Asia, South America, and the United States. In 2010, Israelis were the second largest investment group in the US.  

These firms are investing in most product types, including office, retail, multi-family, and medical/research. They say that they are finding better returns in the United States than in other countries. 

However, to date their investments have been in major metropolitan areas like New York, Miami, Houston, the Bay Area, and even Las Vegas. They have not had much success in Boston. Some have tried, but few have been able to find the right opportunity. 

Today Governor Patrick made a great case to have these public companies come to Massachusetts. With markets stabilizing and rents moving upwards, now is the time for Israeli companies to look here for direct investment and joint ventures. Industry leaders and government officials look forward to welcoming them to the Bay State!

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