A Mayor for All

menino_409Today is a sad day for the City of Boston. Mayor Menino cared passionately about his city and his 20 years as Mayor were proof of his determination to make Boston and its residents better. He was known for his involvement in the numerous large developments constructed during his tenure in the Back Bay, Financial District, and, more recently, the Seaport.  He took a “hands-on” approach to the permitting and, many times, the actual design of the high-rises (remember 101 Huntington?). But, he was also knowledgeable about the smallest projects that were proposed in the neighborhoods, from Brighton to Dudley Square. It seemed that no project was too small for him because he viewed development as an integral part of the local economy and community.

However, it was not only the built environment that caught the Mayor’s sharp focus.  He was, after all, the Urban Mechanic. There wasn’t a major business that did not know of his commitment to finding summer jobs for the kids of Boston. Reducing crime, improving education and, above all, making personal connections with so many of the City’s residents are what made him a Mayor we will never forget. We are so lucky to have benefited from his leadership, dedication and love for the City of Boston.

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