Dueling Visions for Boston’s Future – Mayoral Candidates Q&A

The Boston Mayoral election upon us.  No matter who wins the race, either City Councilor John Connolly or State Representative Marty Walsh, we are all in for a dramatic change after the 20 year term of Tom Menino.

With the city experiencing one of its greatest growth spurts, businesses will want to know what this choice will mean for them starting January 1st.

I sat down with George Donnelly and Jon Chesto, Boston Business Journal’s editors,and Sam Tyler President of the  Boston Municipal Research Bureau‘s Sam Tyler, to interview these two candidates separately, questioning them on their competing visions of what’s best for business, economic growth and Boston’s future.

Q&A with John Connolly

Q&A with Martin Walsh

Don’t forget to vote next Tuesday, November 5th!

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