NAIOP Mourns Loss of Myra Kraft

Myra Kraft passed away today, a tragic loss to her family, friends, and to our whole community.  Myra was one of those rare individuals who dedicated her life to making the world a better place.  Tikkun olam is a Hebrew phrase that means “repairing the world” and Myra Kraft took that obligation to heart through her active involvement in countless local and international causes.

The Krafts have led numerous missions to Israel, Eastern Europe, and Russia, and I was privileged to join them on the Governor’s recent trade mission.  It was clear to us all that the groundwork Robert and Myra have done over the years to establish close relations with Israel’s top leaders helped make the Governor’s mission a success.

Philanthropy was not a part-time job for Myra.  When she committed to an organization, she gave it her all.  Not only was she an excellent fundraiser for the agencies she supported, but she was a skilled leader, serving on the boards of numerous charitable organizations for many years.

This last battle was a personal one for her and was one of the very few challenges she could not overcome.  Her causes continue and we must all rise to the challenge to carry on her good work.  All of us in the business community send her family our deepest condolences.

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