Direct Flights to Israel – Help Make the Case

As loyal readers may be aware, NAIOP Massachusetts has been involved in efforts to strengthen economic ties with Israel.  A critical component is attaining nonstop air service from Boston to Tel Aviv. To make this happen, we need your help.   

Given how many opportunities El Al has to expand its service in the United States, we are eager to demonstrate that New England should be next on the list. We are working with the Governor’s office, Massport, and key organizations that generate large amounts of travel to Israel. We plan to make our case to El Al in the fall.

A local survey firm, Strategic Partners, has been retained by Massport to conduct a survey of businesses, organizations and individuals about their current and expected travel to Israel. If you and/or your company travels or might travel to Israel, we would like you to participate in this survey.

To opt-in to the survey, please click here. Once you have opted-in, the actual survey will follow in the coming weeks. With your help, we can make the strategic and business case to El Al about nonstop Boston-Tel Aviv service. 

Thank you for your support,

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