Commercial Real Estate Icons on the Leading Edge of Philanthropy

Bill and Joyce Cummings

In an age when many Wall Street and other corporate leaders take such pride in reaching even greater heights of personal wealth, it is refreshing to hear about a different type of competition. There is a growing group of the wealthiest individuals in this country who are now competing to see who will become members in a new club of billionaires – those promising to give away half or more of their wealth before they die.

The “Gates/Buffet Giving Pledge” already has nearly 70 members in this prestigious, exclusive club. And now they have two new members – Bill and Joyce Cummings, the founders of Cummings Properties, headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone that knows this couple and their history of giving. Over the past 25 years, the Cummings Foundation has grown to be one of the largest philanthropic foundations in the state.

Bill and Joyce are shining examples of local entrepreneurs who believe in a strong economy that does not forget about those amongst us who are less well off. They have long been leaders, even in an industry that prides itself on its charitable giving and community service, and they certainly have raised the bar with this pledge. (Globe article here)

NAIOP Massachusetts is proud to have Cummings Properties on our Board of Directors, and we offer our heart-felt congratulations to Bill and Joyce for the well-deserved recognition they are receiving.

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