Vote No on Question 3

A referendum on next month’s ballot, Question 3, would not only roll back last year’s Massachusetts sales tax increase, but would bring the sales tax rate all the way down to 3 percent.  The last time we saw a rate that low was in the 60s!  That certainly beats a one-time tax free holiday weekend, and who wouldn’t like a 3% savings on all our purchases year-round?

Unfortunately, as they say, there is no free lunch.  Remember the painful cuts to the state budget these last two years?  Remember the increasing costs of healthcare/Medicare; education; deferred infrastructure investments?  Well, with a declining revenue picture subtract from that another $2.5 billion dollars in state spending. The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation’s recently released report, Question 3: Heading Over the Cliff, indicates passage of Q3 would result in across the board cuts of 30% in virtually all state programs!

We’ll all feel it as local aid is dramatically slashed affecting schools, police, firefighters and infrastructure repairs. This is why NAIOP Massachusetts has joined with other leading business groups to form Business Leaders Against Question 3, which has launched a series of radio spots educating voters on the unintended consequences of this proposal.

Yes, we all would like to save money, but not at the expense of hurting ourselves and our neighbors. Join us and vote no on 3!

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